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Thanks for clicking on our website and taking an interest in how we serve children and families. Our intentions are honourable and we'll do our best for you, in a mutually respectful relationship. The staff, governors, children and families have experienced a very difficult series of events in the past months and to some extent years. We are very motivated to continue what we've got underway in recent weeks, in order to offer children and families a better deal; one which we can all be proud of and keep growing.

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On behalf of all the staff, children and Governors at Brockhurst Junior School



Almalgamation of Brockhurst Infants & Brockhurst Junior Schools - Consultation

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    ('The News' article, published 24th February 2016, by Ellie Pilmoor & Maria Zaccaro)

    Children meet Team GB volleyball player in project for schools

    Read more: http://www.portsmouth.co.uk/news/education/olympic-athlete-visits-gosport-school-and-inspires-pupils-1-7228580#ixzz41AaOKjxq